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Hieizan Sakamoto is a town with satobo (monk's residences)
for Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage Site.
It is also the temple town of Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine,
where the guardian deity of Enryakuji Temple is enshrined.
When you visit Hieizan Sakamoto, where customs from long ago
are still part of daily life, you may wonder, "What is faith for the Japanese?"
and touch on the sources of those roots.

Hieizan Sakamoto


"The Town Where Deities and Buddha Coexist"

Mt. Hiei has been regarded since ancient times as a mountain where kami reside. It is on this mountain that kami and Buddha encountered each other and have since continued to coexist. Along that path, you get a glimpse of...


"A Temple Town with Stonemasonry"

The temple town of Sakamoto is adorned with Saikyo-ji Temple, Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine, Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, satobo, and beautiful stonemasonry built by the Anoshu Guild. What is still alive in people's daily lives, even today, is...

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple


"Prayer" (Short ver.) 3 minutes



The whole of Mt. Hiei is a site for ascetic practice, and to this day, practitioners have continued to undertake the one thousand-day Kaihogyo and the twelve-year Rozangyo , two quests for enlightenment, on the mountain’s sacred land. Here, we delve deeper into their worship…



"Journey through the past to know eternity."

Hieizan Sakamoto is carrying on a culture of prayer which moves even the spirits of modern people.


The Mysteries of Hieizan-Sakamoto

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